This document outlines the requirements for the Video Rental System. This document is intended for the owner of the store and clerks at the store as well as the VRS users.

A local video shop owner wanted to develop a new business plan that allowed everything related to renting a video, except for the return and picking up of video. You can also get information about audio visual rental software via the web.

Online Video Rental Software

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The new VRS will enable the following functions online: search for videos, become members, rent videos, modify membership information, and pay overdue fees. 

This unique business model and the VRS are intended to increase the owner’s profit margin. It also allows him to reduce his store staff.

VRS is used by the clerks at the video shop to process returns of rented videos. VRS is used by the owner of the video shop to add videos to the system, remove them from the system and modify video information.

Commodity Rentals is the best web-based video rental software. It's user-friendly, affordable, and highly efficient. It is unique in a world filled with similar rental software because it offers highly efficient accounting and transaction processing system. 

Video store rental software solutions will provide efficient reporting and accounting, a reservation system that allows you to track and market products, and a data import wizard that allows for smooth migration if you're using video rental software.