Why did only Veda call God's divine knowledge or the constitution? In answer to the question, we can say very briefly that there are some parameters for Divine Knowledge.  If you want to study Veda, then you may also opt for the Hindu University of America.

The first is that the Divine Knowledge must be at the beginning of the universe. The second that it should complete an incomplete one, the third must be based on reason and wisdom, the fourth that it must sympathy with universal rules and science. A fifth should not have to contain the geography of a particular country.

Sixth that should not relate to local history. The seventh is that it does not have to be written in the language of a particular country. The eighth is that it should contain all the right knowledge.

Vedic knowledge is universal and omniscient. It has all these qualities. Veda is the world's oldest book library. All the other books belong to only four thousand five hundred years before the Mahabharat period, while the creation of the universe went into Arabic two years back.

Now on to prove that the Veda is the only divine knowledge, we will deliberate some other points related to the Veda.

-The Creator of All Four Vedas is God.

-The Yajurveda, Samveda, Rigveda, and Atharvaveda-God made all the four Vedas.

-He who revealed the Yajurveda, Rig Veda, and Atharvaveda is the foundation of the whole world.