LEDs are a very popular type of lighting. LED’s are long-lasting, bright, and require very little power. They were once expensive and could only be used for specific purposes. But, with modern technology, they are now affordable for many different uses. 

LED Strip Lighting is a great example. They are a single strip of LEDs, wired together with double-sided tape on the other side. You can find the best-led strip light clips from https://thewavelights.com/products/led-strip-clips.

These can be cut at a specified distance (usually every 6 cm) and you can solder your wires to each segment. They are very easy to customize. A 5-metre roll of LED’s can be purchased on eBay today for $25. Many types of LEDs can be used for strip lighting. Make sure that you get the right one for your purpose.

 You should also consider the amps used, especially if the lighting is being run off of a vehicle. Brighter strip lighting uses around 1.2 amps per mile. If you have multiple meters of use, expect to use some power. 

You can use strip lighting for everything from the exterior of your vehicle to the interior, boat cabins, under canopies, around vehicles’ headlights, and even outdoors. These lights are so simple to use (all you need is wire and some soldering skills), you can use them for just about anything. Think about the use of the lights. 

It is as important where you place them as to how you connect them. Some people attach alligator clips to connect them that way. Others run them directly to the power source and keep them connected. You will be glad that you thought about switches later. You will have times when you don’t want all the lights on. If you have the option of turning just a few on, you will be grateful.