The HR department is often the first point of contact for new employees and can train new employees on the right label and ensure that user access is removed when people are separated from the company.

For example, when an employee is there, the human resources department determines what type of network access they have and trains employees in the use of acceptable IT systems and, in some cases, best security practices.

Likewise, the human resources department is often the first to know when an employee leaves the company and can immediately limit previous users’ access to sensitive information. ¬†You can navigate to this website to know more information about cybersecurity.

If HR and IT can share and collaborate, they can be the strongest protection an organization can take against data breaches. Cyber-attacks affect every department in the company, disrupt work processes, and potentially stop the company’s intellectual property, personal information, and other sensitive information.

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Why do IT departments need to work with HR to better manage risk?

The IT department is responsible for various things in an organization. Daily IT activities can consist of building new infrastructure and maintaining business applications as needed, as well as managing a variety of business technology resources.

Most importantly, IT departments have the skills to use certain security systems such as identity management solutions to stop internal and external data threats.

By continuing to ensure that company data is well managed, the IT team can always be one step ahead of cybercriminals and, in the worst cases, be prepared.