Bath salt or Epsom salt, the same type of mineral that was used for hundreds of years to fix hair in natural shampoos, is gaining more popularity as a natural alternative to medical drugs. In fact, there are now products made from Epsom salt in your home or at your office that will cure almost any ailment or medical condition.

If you think about it, the ancient, old-world experience of using salts in our lives is an important part of our lives. When we learn of the benefits of Epsom salt, we have to realize that they came up with other uses for that ingredient as well.

We've all heard of Epsom salt being used as a lubricant for cars, and for this reason, it's also used as a lubricant for surgical instruments. To use this type of salt with a scalpel is not something most of us want to hear; however, it is possible. You can use Epsom salt on a blade to help hold it in place while you make small incisions.

Another use for bath salts is to help treat cuts and bruises. You can get Epsom salt, and other sea salts, mixed into an ointment to give a soothing feeling when the skin becomes raw.

The actual formulation of the ingredients in sea salt is important. You can find supplements made from sea salt in various blends and quantities to meet your needs. Some of the best supplements on the market today have the properties that bring about these great benefits.

Many people tend to associate sea salt with old-world style spa treatments, but you don't have to be in a Greek or Roman temple to use these minerals. They work just as well at home, and with special products.

You can use Epsom salt in your bath water, or even combine it with baking soda to create your own DIY body scrub. Baking soda helps neutralize the pH levels, and it will leave your skin feeling soothed and safe.

Salt is also used in many skin care products such as lotions, creams, scrubs, soaps, body scrubs, and other types of oils. It has been proven to improve your skin texture, and add moisture back into the skin.

Using bath salt in your skin care products is a great way to add to the effectiveness of these products. Even though Epsom salt is added to the final product, it still acts as a moisturizer, adding an additional layer of protection.

There are many different brands of bath salt available. You may notice that they use the same name, such as Epsom salt bath crystals or bath salt for oily skin.

Some companies choose to keep it simple and use names that are easy to remember, such as Avon, Cetaphil, and SkinMedica. While all of these brands are good, remember that the first time you buy, you may find it difficult to distinguish which brand is the best one.

Keep in mind that the natural compounds found in bath salt contain benefits that other products do not. You can get the same results that others find with better, safer results.