Glass ball photography is an impressive set of skills that go beyond simply photographing, landscaping, or dazzling. Photographers who are specialized and unprofessional can support the right type of glass ball photography more than others. 

Taking pictures can be as easy as positioning the glass ball, making angles, and impressing. So, what kind of crystal ball photography do you want? Here is a complete list of types of glass ball photography:

Macro photography – Macro photography distinguishes the subject area of glass ball photography, where pictures are taken up close.

If macro photography is limited to lenses with improved and luxurious cameras, nowadays it is so easy that unskilled people can be practiced by glass ball in a macro environment. Macro glass ball photography can include arthropods, plants, and the surface of woven shirts.

Microphotography – Microphotography uses a special camera and a magnifying glass ball to take photos of very small objects. Most microphotographic uses are more suitable for systematic people.

For example, microphotography is practiced in various fields of natural philosophy, ecology, and medicine.

Underwater photography – underground glass ball photography is often a luxurious and comfortable style of shooting. Likewise, if aquaculture equipment for capturing images under the surface.

Travel Photography – Travel photography can include many types of photography. People with travel glass ball lenses can capture the feeling of a place with shared decorations and portraits.