Industry professionals are leading the digital video broadcasting project, which includes over 270 broadcasters, manufacturers, and other broadcasters. They help ensure that digital media is accessible all around the world. 

This project is already available on every continent with more than 180 million receivers in use. If an individual still uses an analog TV or video recorder, they will be left behind in the electronic world. If you want to know more about digital video broadcasting, go to this site-

Digital video broadcasting will ensure that the transition from analog TV to digital TV is smooth. It also offers interactive applications for viewers around the world.

If people don't listen to all the service announcements on televisions, the sets will be unusable in 2009. Digital televisions and video recorders are available today, so you don't need to worry about buying a converter box.

What's so great about the DVB project? It is an open system, not a closed one. An open system, in other words, allows integrations between televisions and computers, as opposed to a closed system which is limited to television viewing.

Digital broadcasting allows you to see live TV in your car, train, bus, or hand-held device. This is an amazing option for people who can't live without their TV sets.

The great thing about digital video broadcasting is that everyone around the world is now aware of the changes being made. A person will no longer have to deal with the standard definition that plagues the television and video recorder industries. 

This project will make high definition and digital a reality and nobody can stop it.