If you are concerned about the environment when catering events are planned, then there is no better choice than hiring a caterer that uses environmentally-friendly methods. This applies to any catered event, no matter how small or large, including a baby shower or wedding.

It doesn't matter what occasion it is, eco-friendly food, materials, and practices are always in fashion when hiring a caterer. If you’re looking for eco-friendly catering essentials then you may visit 321eco.co.uk/.

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Eco-Friendly Catering 

Ask about the food they offer before you hire a caterer. You should look out for eco-friendly words such as "sustainable", "organic" or "free range" when searching for caterers.

This means that many caterers have sourced their meats, fruits, and vegetables from local farmers, who do not use any unnatural additives or fertilizers. This is more than a healthy choice.

While factory farming can cause a lot of soil and air pollution, small farmers don't. Local products are also less likely to have to travel far to reach you, which means that less fuel is required to transport them. These caterers have a lower carbon footprint than those who use mass-produced and processed foods.

Many catering events produce a lot of waste, especially when plastic items are used to serve guests. You can make your event more eco-friendly by ensuring that your caterer uses real dishes, silverware and tablecloths to serve your guests.

This helps reduce waste as actual dishware and linens are reusable over and over. If this is not possible, ask your caterer if they can use biodegradable products made of recycled materials.