Criminal defense attorneys play many important roles in the criminal trial process. They are responsible for protecting someone accused of a crime and speak on the behalf of the customer. You can hire the best criminal defense attorneys at Templeton Mims & Ward.

Defendants can contact a criminal defense attorney directly or go to court. Many criminal defense attorneys are public defenders who are paid by the Office of the public defender. In some cases, courts may appoint a private attorney to handle a particular case.

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By asking specific questions about the case, he or she can learn about the defense and the strengths and weaknesses of the case. This requires a careful and thorough examination of the suspect.

Apart from clarifying questions about the defendant’s case, they should investigate the case further to find all possible avenues to acquit the accused. 

Analyzing evidence against defendants in criminal cases requires criminal defense attorneys to carefully consider the facts and theories of the case. The criminal defense attorney should work closely with his client to explain any developments in the case and to keep them informed about the case.

If the defendant has been convicted of a crime or because they received a plea or was convicted by a judge or jury, a criminal defense attorney may represent the defendant during the sentencing phase.