No matter if the mobile device you are using is expensive or low-cost, the one thing that is common to all mobile phones is that they are always in need of repairs from time to some point. They are highly sophisticated devices and, as such, require tuning each and every so often. A good toolkit that includes the necessary tools assists in maintaining one's device at home, without making a costly visit to a repair store, or more importantly, to a retail store to purchase a new model.

The iPhone five-point pentalobe screwdriver can be an essential part of the toolbox of an iPhone user. The models 5, 5, 6, and 6 Plus come with a specific type of 5 point screw which is located on the lower end inside the handset. You can visit to know more about cell phone repair kits. 

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An Spudger made of nylon Spudger provides an anti-static device to ensure that it is employed on devices in a safe manner. It is designed to deal with tiny elements of a mobile that can't be reached or handled using hands. Additionally, the side of the tool is equipped to hold wires.

Fine-tipped Curved Tweezers can be useful when you are trying to negotiate small screws during the repair process. They permit for more access, control and visibility while repairing cells. When repairing, it may require assembling and disassembling the components repeatedly. However, any screwdriver is not able to do the job and we'd need numerous drivers with different sizes and shapes as the screws used on various tools differ from one another.