Many couples dream of an outdoor wedding. While they may envision their wedding in a beautiful setting or a romantic setting, many couples forget about the practicalities of hosting an outdoor event. This usually means renting a tent. 

Wedding tent rentals don’t have to be a distraction from the outdoors. You have many options to decorate your tent to enhance its surroundings. You can also hire a marriage canopy lease in Wisconsin at affordable rates and make your wedding unforgettable.

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Let the scenery shine in. This is a simple way to bring in the scenery. You can do this by leaving the walls open or having many windows. This creates an outdoor feel while keeping your guests covered. You might consider renting a tent slightly larger than what you really need. 

This allows guests to sit closer to the tent’s openings but still enjoy a great view. It is possible to only open certain sides of your tent if they offer the best views. You should not rent a tent for your wedding; you should bring the best from the outside inside.

A transparent tent with a roof is another option. However, this can be expensive. It is a great way to show off the area and not let guests forget that they are in a tent. You can decorate these tents with carefully chosen lighting that creates a dramatic effect when the sunsets.