If you, your family member, or a friend is concerned about having to pay the inheritance tax you might be interested in learning more about the subject and determining if there's an alternative to cut down on the amount of inheritance tax you are required to pay. You can get the right guidance to avoid the inheritance taxin the UK.

Expert Advice on Inheritance Tax planning and trusts in London

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In essence, inheritance tax is an amount of charge on the inheritance of property, shares, and money paid by someone who inherits the property or money of someone who has died, while estate taxes are an amount that is imposed upon the property of a deceased person who has passed away.

Here are a few ways to reduce the amount of inheritance tax you pay.

1. A will should be prepared to inform family members and other family members of the intentions in the event of death. In the absence of a will, the property is not required to be utilized.

2. It is crucial to determine who is the heir, and who will be the beneficiary from the estate. If the will is already in place but it's not clear who will benefit from what, or is there an unexpected event it is possible to have the will contestable.

3. It might be beneficial to transfer the home you're transferring to an insurance or trust in another country fund to avoid paying UK taxes.

4. Another option is to invest money with the expectation that the investment's return will be enough to pay the inheritance tax.