Traveling by air is almost unavoidable in the modern world. Other methods of travel to travel far distances are not feasible. A lot of people attempt to avoid it as much as they can, however, it happens when they must travel via air.

Most people who fly experience minor anxiety or instances where they feel a feeling of tension in their stomachs after the takeoff or when they are coming to land. For those who are lucky, this moment is very brief, and typically ends after some minutes and they are then relegated to the discomfort of flying. You can get more information about flight anxiety via

There is however a significant proportion of passengers who feel this deep sense of stress throughout the journey.

There are many ways those with anxiety about flying face the issue of traveling by air. The most common is to endure and bear through the entire flight. However scared or miserable they feel, they just remain in a state of terror and take it all in. 

Another strategy is to drink themselves into a stupor. This could make the anxiety worse. It can also make the jetlag worse and when you arrive at your destination and require your faculties to remain intact you're likely to be drunk. 

Another method of fighting flight anxiety is to look at the use of natural techniques. This includes meditation and supplements. The supplements range from herbal amino acids, plants, and even other natural substances.