The following information will give you some tips on how one can introduce colour into the living space to create different looks. Whether you've got a neutral pallet that you're looking to brighten up or maybe you have a colorful statement piece that you're looking to incorporate, deciding when, where, and how to use color is an important step in pulling a room together. Here are a few suggestions to consider.

First, you would want to start by choosing a color scheme, that might seem so obvious, but yet we are so scared to make color mistakes. So, the advice is to start by picking out your favourite colours, just like you have favourite foods, similarly, you'll never grow tired of your colors. Even if you do down the road you can get them changed, they aren't permanent.

The second thing to talk about is color flow, you want the colors to coordinate and work with each other. For example, imagine a blue room with a turquoise leather chair with an emblem green sofa, it's unexpected but yet it works extremely beautifully together. The third thing to consider is color contrast although monochromatic can be beautiful and a safe choice adding color contrast gives depth, texture, and dimension to the living space.

The last thing to know is making neutral space pop. So a room filled with saturated color looks kind of complete with not much space whereas in a room full of monochromatic colour if poppy color such as a bright green mid-century armchair is added, it makes a lot of neutral space(all in monochrome color) pop.