What is a distinctive tourist destination? Many people take the word differently. It could refer to a location that has no infrastructure that can accommodate tourists or even a destination with very beautiful infrastructure however, it isn't crowded with tourists. Although everyone has their definition of the term, these spots provide a bit of both.

If you love trekking, Iya Valley in Japan is one of the places to explore. It is among the three valleys that are hidden in Japan and are situated on Shikoku. It was thought to be considered a trip through the past. If you are a water person and want to explore the places that are untouched in Japan then you can visit spottree and explore the beautiful places to visit in Okinawa Japan.


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The region is gorgeous and only a handful of people adhere to the older Japanese practices. Over the past few years, civilization has been bringing change to the area, for the better.

If you're a fan of fishing as well as traveling There is a unique place in the world that can do the trick. In this instance, we're talking about Siberia. It is the one with the most brutal gulags as well as the toughest winters. 

The one thing that many people aren't aware of about Siberia is that it is home to fantastic salmon fishing. The fishing is phenomenal since a few spirited fishermen are working in the places.

If you're thinking of cooking as an interest, you may want to consider spending moments in Siena, Italy. Siena is a mountaintop fortress that was transformed into a city in the modern-day. It feels like you are stepping back into the middle age of Europe. The town is charming and everything is made of cobblestones. All of this could provide enough reasons to visit there, you could also take cooking classes.