A shower mixer, as the name suggests, will merge water from both hot and cold-water supply, and mix them together, water results in the bathroom at the desired temperature. The temperature is set using the temperature control. The water is typically supplied at a higher pressure than the electric shower.

Mixer showers are ideal for homes with abundant hot water, and can either be built into a wall, or mounted with a detachable shower head. You can also look for the best mixer shower via methven for your bathroom.

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Single lever shower mixer may be one of the most popular baths, where the water flow is controlled by moving the lever up to increase the flow of water, and when the lever is moved down, the shower is turned off.

To control the water temperature, the lever is rotated clockwise to increase the temperature, and in the counter-clockwise direction to lower it. Sequential shower mixer is the easiest to use.

There is only one control, and turned in the opposite direction to clockwise to start the flow of water and increase water temperature. The water flow cannot be controlled, but change the control clockwise will lower the temperature, and eventually turns the shower off.

Concentric type of bathroom combines temperature and water flow control on the same panel. Usually they will be placed on top of each other. Depending on the model, beyond the control will regulate the flow of water, while the inner control is used to adjust the water temperature.