Most facials follow the same basic steps, such as exfoliation, extraction, massage, masks, and a moisturizer, the products and techniques used will differ depending on your skin and your individual needs. Offering a series of spa therapies allows you to relax and have freshness.

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Here are different types of facial skin treatments:

Anti-aging treatments

It is perfect for adults who are concerned with fine lines, skin texture, and also the signs of aging. It is designed to offer a younger complexion. This type of spa session focuses on lightening the skin, reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and slowing down the aging process.

Deep cleaning session

Acne is not just for young people. Some skin-friendly acids can be used to remove impurities from the skin and also promote a fair complexion. Normal acne remedies help clear a distressed complexion and protect against recurring acne.

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Back mask and cure

The skin on the back can be as delicate as the skin on the face. Therefore, you can also benefit from the same types of treatment. Facials created for your spine include products and treatments created to meet your individual needs and skin type.

This could have a mask and hydrating therapy. Spa treatments are soothing and calming, as they are often combined with a massage for maximum pampering.

The most effective facial type for you depends on your skin type and exactly what your skin requirements are. A therapist can help you with the facial massage or the perfect massage according to your needs.