The right antibody service provider will offer comprehensive support throughout the process of antibody production.  This includes peptide design, synthesis, carrier protein conjugation, immunization, serum assortment, hybridoma fusion, titer assessment, and final antibody purification.

Some tips on how to find high-quality antibody services:

Match the Antibody to your Specific Application

Custom protein production is a rather complex subject. There are two types of antibodies, monoclonal and polyclonal. Each has distinct characteristics and benefits. Boster Bio featured products can provide the best antibody services.

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Polyclonal: A blend of antibodies that target specific protein epitopes. They are ideal for proteins with heterogeneity in sequence or structure, those with posttranslational modifications, or proteins found in low concentrations. Polyclonal antibodies are also suited for applications that necessitate fast binding.

Monoclonal: These antibodies will only target a single protein epitope because they are produced by a single B-cell line. They are highly specific, and their results are reproducible. Monoclonals are ideal for immunohistochemistry applications.

Purification Services

If you are looking for a partner to help you with antibody purification needs, numerous trustworthy vendors can help you develop the most suitable antibody purification procedure. These professionals are committed to providing excellent customer service and can help you determine which purification procedure will offer the best balance of cost, yield, and purity.

Check the Validation Data

It would help if you avoided antibodies with incomplete validation data. It’s often an indication of poor quality, and the vendor cannot do much to help you if the antibody malfunctions.

You should look for companies that show the entire blot image, validate their products with multiple sample tissues, and provide detailed validation data and protocols. Take your time to scrutinize the validation data.