Leather furniture is expensive but true beauty around the house. With its function, display and fashionable nuances, and high durability, it offers very good value for the price. However, there is a small but serious problem when it comes to leather furniture. It is easily colored and damaged if it is not well maintained. As a result, you find many homeowners covering the sofa, Ottomans, and their seats with plastic sheets and tarps.

If you know the right way to clean and take care of skin furniture, you no longer need to cover it every time you expect visitors. You can consider the top furniture cleaning services at https://prestigecarpetcleaning.ca/furniture-cleaners-ontario/. The following are valuable tips to keep the skin as good as new.

  • Check the skin type –

The first step to clean this natural fabric involves understanding the type of skin that works with you. You can get instructions by reading small instructional tags attached to the unit. Manufacturers usually include tips on cleaning and maintenance on this tag or including pamphlets that detail the same thing. 

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  • Suck daily dust to remove dust –

The skin pulls dust and dirt like a magnet. Therefore, to keep life and bright, you have to clean it at least once a week. You can clean it manually with a microfiber dust cloth or use a vacuum cleaner for a thorough cleaning. 

  • Protect from heat directly

Prolonged exposure to heat weakens the integrity of material causes it to wear faster. Thus, skin furniture should not be stored in direct sunlight. Also, it should not be positioned near the fireplace.

  • Clean the stain

These include ink stains, food spills, gum, newspaper molds, watermarks, urine, paint, and folds. The direction of removal of stains is different according to stains. Some are easier to delete while others need commercial-level cleaning agents because they are deep. The best preventive tip is trying to remove the stain as soon as it appears.