The conveyor belt forms an element of a larger conveyor system that allows the manual handling of different substances. The conveyor system is suitable for large, difficult-to-manage parts in addition to small and lightweight materials. 

Steel cord belt and splice construction are frequently utilized for food processing and beverages since hygiene standards are essential in these areas. It is well-known for its resistance to corrosion and for its long-lasting properties. Conveyors that are made of this material are simple to maintain and clean.

steel cord conveyor belt manufacturers

Industries that require conveying systems can purchase them directly from manufacturers. Most of the time the customization of the system is crucial to attaining the required efficiency levels in conveyor systems. 

The entire construction of these systems is particularly useful for food and beverage industries and in environments that are harsh, where the endurance of the system is tested each day. The typical applications of these systems are food processing and final packaging.

Here are some characteristics to be looking for in the stainless steel conveyor:

The frames of a system must be joined using TIG as well as MIG systems. The ideal material for the building of such systems should be 304-grade stainless steel.

  • The design of conveyor belts as well as the system as a whole must allow for easy access to cleaning since the highest standards of hygiene have to be kept up.

  • The greater the number of inclined surfaces on a conveyor more efficient the draining of chemicals and water after cleaning. So, remember to make sure there are at least horizontal surfaces in the conveyor system.

  • It's not only the contact surfaces however, there are other components like drives and bearings that must be constructed with high-quality stainless steel. Concerns related to internal corrosion or contamination can be removed. Also, you are assured that you will be completely clean.

The stainless steel used must be of the best quality. This is crucial to ensure safety is not diminished at any price. If it's a clean-up or processing facility it is crucial to ensure that you are operating in the most secure and hygiene conditions.