A table runner, a piece of cloth made from cotton, and placed on top of a table. It is used as a decoration for the table. 

They are usually about 4 feet by 1 foot and add class to dinner parties. There are many options, but the most popular is red. A white tablecloth underneath makes red table runners stand out.

The origins of the table runner date back to the middle ages, when royalty used them to cover their tablecloths. The runners would be removed by the servants after dinner to reveal the clean table cloth underneath. If you are looking for professional table cloth cleaning then you can get custom commercial table cloth hire & cleaning services in Melbourne, Victoria.

They became more decorative than protective for the table cloth underneath as time went on. The design of the table runners became more sophisticated as they were used as decoration. Its shapes, design, and material became more elegant. 

Tassels and other small touches were also added. Red table runners, which were associated with royalty and opulence, became the most loved design.

There are many styles and shapes available for runners. A rectangular shape is the most popular design for runners. Frills and baubles are more exciting. They can have any design, from simple to complex. The most common imprints are of fruits and vegetables.

Your choice of tablecloth and cutlery will determine the type of runner that you use. You should match your layout and only use them. They can be used for placemats and table dividers.