Most of the women these days are engaging in eyelash treatment, and others are intrigued by the vision of enhancing their natural beauty with perfect lashes.

You might have planned to go for an extension application, but hesitated out of a desire to learn more about these magnificent wonders and the process used for them. If you’re looking for more information about eyelash tweezers you may check this out.

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     Few tips that you should consider before you go for eyelash extensions:

     1.Understanding the process

If you decide to have eyelash extension as your beauty quotient, then you must know that it involves a long-term commitment. 

Not only this, but the process is also time-consuming, as the extensions are applied by professionals, individually on every lash, which takes time. This means you need to commit your few hours in a salon, every few weeks to maintain the perfect lashes.

     2.Minimum 24 hours relaxation

You'll need a day of relaxation after the process of your extensions. The adhesive used for the application needs to be set, which means a day without swimming, showering, or washing your face. 

You should avoid excessive heat like saunas, sunbathing, or outdoor activities when the temperature outside is too high. The best way to ensure the perfect extensions is to take a day off after the application.

Indeed, one thing is sure, once you see yourself with extensions you'll never look at your natural lashes the same way again. Your natural lashes will always seem shorter and less vibrant with fewer curves than your beauty enhancements.