Promoting a merchandise wholesale generally entails negotiating bulk orders at a discounted rate. The advantage of supplying wholesale bakery products is that you may create a steady flow of customers that buy in large quantities.

Revenue Area 

Offering wholesale bakery solutions may be a challenge given the short term durability of this merchandise. Therefore, unless you've got a truck fleet that may deliver goods immediately, or arrange for client pick-up, then it is going to be cheaper for a little bakery to concentrate on recruiting customers within a nearby geographical region. 

Possible Retail Clients 

Identify prospective clients in your chosen geographical area. Contemplate grocery shops, restaurants, schools and cafeterias, hospitals, and coffee stores.  Research where these companies are getting their baked products.  

Wholesale Pricing Construction 

Produce a pricing system which will be useful to your organization, and take under account overhead and operating costs in addition to supplies and labor.  Produce a sliding scale at which cost declines predicated on bulk orders.  

Develop Proposals

Produce written suggestions for the companies you wish to strategy. Give a summary of your organization, your bakery goods, and also the description of packaging, packaging, and delivery choices.  

Include a breakdown of your own wholesale pricing arrangement and ship or send the suggestions to the purchasing managers of those companies you are targeting. Have many different bakery items along with you on this trip for prospective clients to sample.