It is true that roses are one of the most traditional flowers that are used at weddings. There is no doubt that his type of flower is the most commonly used flowers in the bridal bouquet. The bride today is much more modern, much less traditional than bridal past, she may not have many roses in her marriage completely, but there is still a good chance of their own bouquet will be just that. 

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In the early times, scent around a bride was known to keep bad spirits away. Roses were the most fragrant flower all year and have a good choice. As the bouquet was prepared, herbs are mixed with roses to keep the fragrance around the bride all day. These herbs would look something like green found in bridal bouquets today.  

The color was an important factor as well, that the roses were so symbolic in marriage and each color gives a different meaning. Traditionally, when roses have been picked then the gardener would remove the thorns out of the bridal bouquet. 

You can also customize your wedding by selecting wholesale roses depending on the sense of the color you want your wedding flowers to express. Red is an intense color, passionate and particularly for eternal love. However, white roses are innocent and symbolize purity for a new beginning. 

Orange is another color that you can find in many flowers, and sometimes even in large roses. This is not one of the most popular choices for wedding, but will definitely put a wedding apart from others, such as high energy and high spirits of that color.