A tent can be as big as a tent or circus tent, or as big as a bivouac that can only accommodate one person who is lying down. They had a rich tradition among travelers around the world, from Native Americans to Mongols and now in China.

Due to the portability of even large tents, many soldiers use this camping equipment, although it would not be classified as "camping gear" if used to accommodate platoons, companies, and regiments in a country's armed forces. You can also buy military tents via https://www.usmilitarytents.com/military-tents.aspx.

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They are used by many soldiers to accommodate field hospitals. They often can hold a humidifier or air conditioner, as well as medical equipment. The US military has operational and quality control procedures for building and maintaining tents. 

For the type of house where tents can be used, there are entire operations bases, barracks (bedrooms), dining rooms, and tactical operations centers. Tents can be expanded or added and installed quickly, much like the armed forces they are in.

This makes it easier to occupy an area when there is no need to build a permanent building. The temporary nature of the tent also means that the presence of occupying forces in an area can reduce mental disability for the community so that they can understand that the armed forces will not be present permanently but will only be there for temporary assistance.