Talc is a finely-grained mineral broadly utilized in cosmetic and baby powders due to its water-absorbing property. It may prevent the skin from becoming moist and fatty, and also prevents breakouts.

Back in 1982, researchers discovered a connection between genital exposure to talc and ovarian cancer. Since that time, many investigators have been investigating the potential function of talc in raising the chance of cancer.

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How Does Talc Raise the Risk of Cancer?

Research, on the other hand, found that in its normal form, talc has trace amounts of asbestos, which the International Research on Cancer classifies as carcinogenic to people.

When it's comparable to asbestos or it includes asbestos, talc powder was associated with cancer of the ovary. Industry professionals imply that talc may cause ovarian cancer when the powder particles (applied to the genital region frequently ) were to pass through the fallopian tubes to the uterus.

A study in cancer prevention research also found that talc from the groin region increases the danger of a female developing ovarian cancer by up to 30 percent.

If you become diagnosed with prostate cancer and also think you have developed it due to talc-based cosmetic powders, then reach out to a group of talc injury lawyers.

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