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Tag: Residential Plumbing

Home Plumbing Tips: Protecting Your Pipes

When you meet a long power cut (which can last several days or weeks), you are probably concerned about focusing on how to stay warm, get enough light to see and cook food. The least of your concerns would be electricity failure impacting your plumbing at home, right?

Unfortunately, as most residential plumbing breakdowns can attest, power can cause serious plumbing problems at home, especially in freezing temperatures. Therefore, To avoid any kind of hassle, it would be the best solution to take help from Detroit residential plumbing professionals.

Before a power outage

To prepare for a power outage, it is a good idea to be in contact with a professional plumber who can show you areas of your home plumbing that will be most susceptible to cracking and splitting, and you advise on how to prevent this happening.

If you have a tank or that uses electric pumps, another idea for the preparation of a power failure, apart from having a backup generator, is to store extra water in your emergency kit .

After a power failure

Turn off all circuit breakers and avoid connecting or turn on electronic equipment, if any flooding from a burst pipe or heavy rain occurs. Immediately call an electrician. In case of serious damage, also call your insurance company.

If a pipe does burst, be sure to cut the water at the main valve and call a professional plumber who can help locate the source of the leak.

Protecting your plumbing in an evacuation

Your home can evacuate necessary if the situation is quite extreme. Before leaving, turn off the power to your house and close the main water tap in your home. It is a good idea to cover the valve, meter and inlet pipes with insulating materials.

Dealing With Frozen Pipes With The help Of Residential Plumbing Services

A frozen water pipe can be annoying, but a burst water pipe can be a nightmare. ceilings collapsed, flooding, destroyed furniture, damaged electrical systems, and a property that is uninhabitable, are only some of the consequences of a burst water pipe; consequences that are extremely expensive and the owner wants to avoid at all costs.

For this reason, the owner must take great care to avoid this water disaster to occur, taking the necessary steps to keep the water pipes from freezing in the first place and by melting the water pipes frozen immediately after the discovery. You can even hire professionals from company of residential plumbing detroit via

However, despite all efforts, a pipe bursts of ice water from an owner, it is imperative to immediately contact a licensed plumber and make needed repairs. 

Pending the arrival of the plumber, however, making temporary, the following emergency repairs can reduce the severity of the damage to his home, and the corresponding repair costs, significantly:

Turn off water to prevent it from entering the damaged pipe. If possible, turn off the water at a local supply valve. Otherwise, turn off the main water supply to your home. In one house, the gate valve is usually (but not always) located under the kitchen sink.

In an apartment with a shared water supply, the stop valve is usually located where the water supply enters the building. Note: In addition to taking the necessary measures to maintain the gel first pipes, it is important that the owner determines exactly how to cut the main supply of water in the unfortunate event that a frozen pipe broke and a local food valve can not be located.