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When Should You Use Petroleum Jelly On A New Tattoo?

Petroleum jelly was discovered for the first time on American oil platforms back in 1859. The rig was then blocked by a black waxy substance. Robert Chezbrow created a bright, odorless gel in 1870. This became Vaseline.

This unique NPJ Multipurpose Non-Petroleum Jelly can be used in many ways today. Petroleum jelly is a versatile ingredient. Petroleum jelly is also used to treat minor burns and wounds. One way that petroleum jelly can be useful during the tattoo healing process is by guarding the tattoo during showering.

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How can you use Petroleum jelly?

Petroleum jelly can be used in many ways, as we have already mentioned. These are some of the most important uses for petroleum jelly.

Eczema Treatment: Lubricates the skin to reduce dry, itchy spots and help with the disease.

Petroleum jelly is used to treat dry skin. This jelly can be used regularly to keep your skin soft and supple.

Wound Protection: This protects your skin from bacteria and contaminants and promotes the healing of small cuts.

Humidifier: Vaseline has been voted one of the most effective humidifiers on the market today. It can be used as a lotion, cream, or jelly. There are many products currently on the market.

It will hold up very well as long as a strong water jet isn’t blasted directly onto the area.

Your Complete Guide To Tattoo Aftercare

Your tattoo artist will begin regular maintenance once their work is done. After all, this is their masterpiece and they want to preserve its beauty. You may apply a thin layer of petroleum-based ointment to your ink, then cover it with plastic wrap or a bandage.

Even if you might want to see (or slide your finger up) your newcomer, resist the urge. Tattoos are open wounds. So, by keeping it covered and applying moisturizers on time, you can prevent bacteria from entering your skin. For more information about moisturizers for tattoos, you can explore this link.

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After 2-3 days of applying the ink, you can continue to apply another brand of regular moisturizer. The most important point is that the product you choose for your tattoo should be odorless and not contain any additives.

Keep your tattoo well hydrated while caring for it with a good fragrance-free moisturizer. Apply 1-2 times a day or only when the skin/tattoo is dry, which may vary depending on skin type, size, and location of the tattoo.

It is very easy. Anything good for your skin – a nutritious diet, drinking plenty of water, and paying attention to the sun – will also benefit your tattoo. You need to understand that tattoos also ages when you age and proper aftercare will only decide the future and shelf life of your tattoo.