There are so many children in need all over the world. It is difficult to understand why most families have so much food and materials to live on while families and children in poor countries struggle to survive. Unfortunately, the fact is that about one billion children are in need and live in poverty. 

Children in need do not have enough food, shelter, clean water or medical care. This is a global problem that requires a global solution. But fortunately, there are ways each of us can reach out to help children. The best way to build relationships is to support children's charities that focus on providing practical and spiritual help to children in need. You can visit this website to know about children charities in South Africa.

By supporting children's charities, we believe that our help will really benefit children in need. A small act that costs only a dollar a month can change the life of a particular child in need. And we know because we can communicate with "our" child, exchange letters and photos, and learn how our support is used. This simple but life-changing way of giving involves sponsoring one child in need – a boy or a girl.

A small fixed amount is sent each month through children's charities and ensures that children in need live in poverty:

• Provided proper nutrition.

• Have clean drinking water.

• Receive medical care, including vaccinations and medication.

• Have a safe place.

• Receive a good education that leads to learning opportunities.