Web hosting services have become a global concept in today's world and there are hosting services in every country. However, the cost of web hosting varies from country to country. You will find that hosting costs are much cheaper in third world countries because the overhead costs are much lower here.

In countries like UK and US, you can find web hosting services that are expensive due to higher overhead costs. You can get secure web hosting in Australia online via https://www.digitalz.com.au/web-hosting-australia/.

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This way, you will often find that website developers host their websites on third country web hosts. The big reason other webmasters choose third world web hosts is their proximity to their customers.

This is because if a website is hosted on a foreign server, the distance will cause the website data to traverse different nodes and the website owner's customers may feel that the page is taking time to load.

That way, you'll find that websites aimed at people in one country are more likely to be hosted on that country's servers as they improve the quality of service. Another reason to host in another country is to circumvent strict laws regarding adult content and downloading pirated content.

Owners who own such content or pirated content prefer to host their website in host countries where the laws are rather lax. In this way, they circumvent their country's strict laws dealing with software piracy and adult content, and serve the purpose of having customers visit their website and generate revenue from them.