Blender has become an essential tool in any kitchen. With the advent of battery-operated blenders, blenders are now lightweight and impact resistant. This means that you can basically take it wherever you go. In addition, these blenders are now designed for greater capacity to produce more drinks in a single blending.

There are many new designs on the market today, each one is convenient than the last. In addition to being portable and handy, it has a powerful motor convenient for ice crushing. Now you can create cool drinks and fruit shakes for everyone without the need to carry an electric generator. You can buy this usb rechargeable blender on 

It can easily crush the ice with its 10,000 RPM motor. For home use, 110V charger can be included in the package. For vehicle charging, 12V charger can also be included. Because the "interchangeable" battery system, can work well with a variety of products thus, the AC charger is UUCSA approved. 

It is a versatile tool, specially made for those who find stand blenders or food processors inconvenient or too big. This blender is only about 16 ½ inches. This blender is only about 16 inches tall. It is handy because it is battery operated, working well with rechargeable batteries. When fully charged, it can run for approximately 15 minutes prior to charging again.