In most of the cultures, sympathy poems or songs are sung at the burial service. Reading a humanist memorial poem or a short verse is a common practice during a tribute, especially in a non-religious funeral.

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Poems of sympathy express our emotions that the deceased will be missed. It is very famously said, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a poem can create millions of memories.

Therefore choosing a perfect sympathy poem during a funeral is very important to create that particular mood which you want.

The day of the funeral is a very emotional day for everyone in your family. But if someone in your family can play a musical instrument and is willing to do so then it will be your perfect decision to let him do.

Adding a personal touch to the funeral music will be a wonderful way to honor the deceased. Try to play a song or a poem that your loved one liked.

Finding a good poem for a funeral is not a tough task. You can ask your relatives and even your friends about it. On the internet also there is a huge variety of songs available.

You can find all kinds of sympathy poems ranging from, poems for dad, mom or grandmom to even pet sympathy poems. You just need to check on the right website and you will find a poem that will perfectly remind you of your loved one.