Water… couldn't be easier, right? Even though our bodies, like planets, are primarily made up of water, it is an element that most people in the world take for granted (that is, to the point of exhaustion). 

The reality is that water is one of the most therapeutic remedies known to man and because it is so simple, neither heroic nor expensive, this is probably why it is not taken seriously. Nowadays filtered water is the most important for every person & you can buy this popular structured water filter for your home. 

We were ushered into an era of aquatic exploration that reached a status never seen in history. As research progresses (note: more research needs to be done), the many benefits offered by "modified" water are now being taken more seriously. 

One area of great interest is how this restructured water affects the human body and how it reveals proposed therapeutic sites. A shortlist of benefits that are now starting to emerge include, but are not limited to, being a powerful antioxidant when raising pH. 

When the structure of water changes, associated "electrons" are released, which are already available in the body for therapeutic use. This increase in electrical activity is known as an increase in ORP (Oxygen Depletion Potential).

This process makes the highly active water rich in electrons. In its natural state, water is very unavailable or "active" due to the fact that the molecules that makeup water are clustered or clustered. 

This reduces the ability of molecules to enter the cells and keeps them hydrated. But when you change the molecular and atomic structure of water, the bioavailability of water increases, which has far-reaching benefits.