The fact that everyone is different and has a varied lifestyle is not a problem. There are a few ways that they can still lose weight effectively and fast without the help of any diet.

The amount of food we eat, or the intake of calories along with the amount of exercise or energy expended to determine how much of the body will be taken. Those who do not have large fluctuations in body weight burn off all the calories in a day with physical exertion. You can search for weight maintenance program in Vaughan from various internet sources.

The good news is that you can control what you put into your system by way of calories. We can control how much we exercise and how much energy we expend each day.

Here's to determine how many calories we lose every day:

1. How fast your body metabolizes calories.

2. The normal level of the rest of your body to burn calories.

3. How active you are.

Genetics can play a part in how fast a person's metabolism to process calories that the body takes in. How much weight wills you determine how many calories are consumed by the body when it is at rest, in essence, your weight, the more calories are needed to maintain the bodyweight set.

Another factor in determining how many calories are needed is the kind of work or daily habits that one has. Office workers will have to fit in some extra-curricular activities to help them to burn calories that have accumulated during the day.

Women and men differ in the number of calories they need to remain at a constant weight. Women need an average of one thousand eight hundred, while men of the same age need about twenty-two hundred.