It's not uncommon for a sports car to come with a manual transmission even though automatic gearboxes are the most popular option for every day drivers. While an automatic transmission is easier to drive, manual transmissions are said to be more fun and offer a more engaging driving experience. Of course, if you don't know how to drive a stick shift transmission, you can't just hop into an expensive sports car and expect the experience to be pleasant. If you don't know how to drive a stick shift you could potentially damage the gears, ruin the clutch, worse case scenario you could even crash the car.

With these fears in mind there is no reason you can't learn how to drive a stick shift by watching videos on the internet and practicing on a cheap car. TailHappyTV posted a video teaching people how to drive a stick shift vehicle. This guide will teach anybody how to operate a manual transmission with just a small investment of time. You don't have to pay to watch the video since it was published on YouTube. If you want to be able to drive any sports car regardless of what kind of gearbox it has you should probably pick up the skill of driving a manual transmission. It'll stick with you for life, so if there ever is a situation where to need to use it you can.