To extend the life of the system, it must be serviced and maintained so that it can perform tasks over a long period. 

Routine maintenance work must be carried out once a year and damaged and defective parts must be replaced. You can also check for the leading air compressors via

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Here are some basic guidelines for routine system maintenance:

Read the air compressor system manual:

Buyers need to read and follow the air compressor system manual carefully. In this manual, the manufacturer has provided some important tips that can help you repair your older system.

Check the oil level as often as possible:

If you have purchased a compressor that uses other oils and lubricants, it is important to check them regularly every day. It is important to make sure your system is filled with oil.

Drain the oil and water removal trap:

Water and oil drainage systems such as tanks, dryers, and filters only function properly if other contaminants and from the system are properly cleaned. 

Suitable compressor temperature:

The air compressor must work within the appropriate temperature range. For the system to work effectively, it is recommended that you read the manual and take the necessary steps.


The area near the air compressor needs to be kept clean and tidy. When you change the oil in the system, some of the oil will flow on the surface. Therefore, it is very important to clean the surface.