We are going to discuss how you can configure the range extender using the WPS button. The steps are discussed concerning the N300 model. WPS doesn’t support any network key, so if you are using the security, then follow the Netgear Assistant method for setup.

  1. Press the WPS button on your extender and check the same button on the router. Press it after two minutes and the WPS LED will turn green on both the devices. If the light doesn’t lit, then follow the installation assistant guide.
  2. Disconnect the extender and place it nearby the router or just halfway between the router and area having poor signal.
  3. Plug the extender again to the power outlet and wait for the LED to get stable.
  4. By seeing the router Link LED, place the extender at a location where the signal is optimal.
  5. If the amber light glows corresponding to the router Link LED, then plug the extender close to the router and check again. Keep on moving the extender towards the router until the light turns green.
  6. From the computer, search for Wi-Fi and connect to it.
  7. You can test whether the Netgear Wifi Extender N300 Setup is completed or not by leaving the computer or smart device in a poor network area and turn on the extender.

If you find success after implementing the steps, then don’t forget to share your experience on the mywifiextfix link.