A router is one of the most essential types of woodworking equipment, but its usefulness depends on its style of operation: Computer Numerical Control (CNC) or manual control.

The cutting mechanism of a CNC router is computer-controlled, whereas an operator controls the cutting mechanism of a conventional router. In some cases, companies use a conventional router when a computer-controlled machine should be used. This article indicates signs that an old router should be replaced with a computer-controlled model.

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Need to increase production capacity

The efficiency of computer-controlled equipment increases the production rate. Instead of producing one piece at a time, the equipment produces multiple pieces in a short period of time, especially when a large cutting table is filled with stock.

One of the primary reasons companies upgrade to this type of equipment is to increase the production capacity. Computer-controlled equipment is more expensive than conventional equipment, but buying it from a seller of used woodworking machines will mitigate the cost difference.

Must produce intricate pieces

Another reason companies upgrade to computer-controlled equipment is to produce intricate pieces. Most CNC routers come with three or five axes, the latter of which produces more intricate cuts.

The intricate designs that a CNC router produces are useful for cabinet making, door making, furniture making, and other disciplines. With the right cutting capacity, CNC routers produce multiple copies of intricate pieces in a matter of minutes.