A primary care practitioner (PCP) is an individual who consults with patients suffering from typical medical issues. They are typically doctors. A PCP could be an assistant to a physician or nurse practitioner. The PCP may be involved in your treatment for a prolonged period. This is why it is crucial to find the best Gilbert primary care doctors with whom you can be able to work.

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  • PCPs are your primary healthcare provider for non-urgent circumstances. The job of a PCP is:
  • Preventive care is essential and teaches healthy choices for living
  • Recognize and manage the most common medical ailments
  • Examine the severity of your medical issues and guide you to the right location for the treatment you need.
  • Refer to specialists in medicine if needed.

Primary care is typically delivered in an outpatient environment. If you're admitted to a hospital, your physician may aid or direct your treatment, according to the specific circumstances.

A PCP can offer you a reliable, continuous relationship with a medical professional over time. When selecting a PCP take into consideration the following factors:

  • Are the staff members helpful and friendly? Are they prompt in responding to messages?
  • Are our office hours convenient to your work schedule?
  • How do you contact the provider? Does the provider have email addresses?
  • What do patients and coworkers have to say about the service?
  • Do the providers invite you to participate in your treatment? Does the provider consider the relationship between you and your provider as one that is truly a partnership?