The most frequently used and often unwittingly, becomes a means of durable rubber decoration when it comes in the form of rubber floor tiles. This tile allows you to fix your patio roof design with innovative concepts. 

Results obtained are truly outstanding and have many advantages over ordinary tiles of all sorts. 

Being very flexible and easy to install, you can decide on every single aspect involved in the selection and installation of these tiles. Get some more tips on rubber floor tiles via

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You can even opt for various designers for extra views you have always desired.

Why rubber tile, what is so special about them?

In addition, if you choose rubber floor tiles, you contribute much to environmental preservation. These tiles are made from used car tires and recycle them during the process. 

Popular Types of rubber used to make tiles EPDM, SBR, NBR, IIR, and PBR. Although the EPDM rubber is better liked by many people, because it is very durable and made of high quality. 

The tiles are made of EPDM rubber is ideal for play as well, as it provides a complete fall protection and is even resistant to chlorine and water (ideal for the pool) when compared with a typical tire rubber.

– vulcanizing – Processed rubber tiles with sulfur or similar chemicals to improve the mechanical properties. Usually, interlocking floor tiles are treated with vulcanized rubber. 

– Layering – Rubber tiles contain multiple layers. Thickness and mechanical properties of the layer depends on this. Thin tiles are preferred for indoor use. 

– Texturing – Being the main part of the decoration, these tiles are also available in a variety of textures and designs. This simplifies the process of matching tiles with the interior design and theme. 

The same process is now magnified larger than life to get a perfect finish and unique design for an anti-skid surface. In addition, the installation of such mutual rubber floor tiles offer adequate security from a slip and fall incident. Not surprisingly, simple to use and extremely durable rubber floor tiles to be fast.