LEI code is designed to enable the identification and linking of parties to financial transactions in order to manage counterparty risk. The goal is to improve the measuring and monitoring of systemic risk and support more cost-effective compliance with regulatory reporting requirements.

List of documents required to be submitted can be searched on lei application registration. List of documents required are:

  • Certificate of Incorporation/Registration Certificate

  • PAN Card

  • Undertaking-cum-Indemnity as per the format specified by LEIL

  • Audited Financial Statements

  • Board Resolution as per the format specified by LEIL or a certified true copy of the general board resolution or general power of attorney will be accepted if the legal entity commits to submit a fresh board resolution in the format as prescribed by LEIL when the next Board Meeting is held subsequently.

  • Power of Attorney as per the format specified by LEIL in case of any further delegation by officials mentioned in Board Resolution.

  • Audited financials of Immediate Parent and Ultimate Parent Entity or Auditor’s Certificate as per the format specified by LEIL in case of an immediate parent and ultimate parent entity.

It is to be noted that, there is no need to submit the documents physically if all the documents are submitted online and payment is made successfully online