Accident happened. And unfortunately your children are not immune to accidents and injuries. They can get scratches if they accidentally slip or fall while walking around the playground.

The worst nightmare for parents, of course, is seeing their child seriously injured. The most common types of serious injuries suffered by children are usually related to heat-related accidents and falls from heights.

You can't always monitor your children all the time and make sure they don't have accidents. This is physically impossible at all. But you can certainly be a better parent and learn how to handle properly and effectively any kind of emergency or accident that your child will unfortunately face. You can do this by taking a best paediatric first aid course.

If you are not too interested or don't think you are able to take a pediatric first aid course, here are the main reasons you need to know to be more encouraged to enroll in this important program.

• With a few simple techniques that you learn in a pediatric first aid course, you can save your child's life when he is in a critical situation.

• If you have a newborn baby, a first aid course will help you effectively and correctly handle baby asphyxia and other related emergencies.

• You never know when and where accidents will occur, especially if you have children of your own. That is why it is important to take pediatric first aid courses and learn how to deal with such critical conditions.