There are billions of websites all around us on the web, each of them wants to rank at a higher position through their keywords on Google and other search engines.

But only a few of them understand the real way how to achieve top rankings in Google. And this is the main question of most webmasters that how they can know whether the work which they are doing is correct or not.

So here is the most authentic technique of web promotion or search engine optimization. If you are looking for website design in Houston then you are in the right place.

There are two types of guidelines provided by Google, which must be followed in order to rank better in Google,

Design, content and quality guidelines

  • Once your website is ready, take the following steps,
  • Creating backlinks from other websites that are relevant to your website.
  • Creating a Sitemap in XML format. This helps to boat Google and another crawler to find all the pages on your Web site and find the site structure.
  • Your website should be submitted to search engines and directories worldwide as ODP, Yahoo, Google Directory, etc. Also, submit your site to directories relevant expertise.
  • Your website should be designed with a clear hierarchy of links. Links should be in the text. Use at least 3 text links to another inner page on every page.
  • Every page should be accessible from other pages of the site and the important pages of the website should be accessible from the home page.

Quality guidelines

  • It’s okay to spend more to get a website as a fact rather than pay a little more and get a web page that does not help to market your business. You need to contact a professional Website Design Company to design your website and make sure to follow the quality guidelines.
  • Quality Web Design that is useful to the user. Do not think about search engines if your website is rich in useful information for users, search engines will definitely come on your own website.