Inflatable castles are more often than not rented by kids’ party organizers who want to make their parties filled with fun and mirth. It goes without saying that these castles serve pure fun and excitement and work as magnets for kids who attend parties with their parents.

However, the entertainment quotient of these inflatable units should not overshadow the safety and security factors and the party organizers ought to act reasonably and responsibly to make sure that the party attending kids go back home with sweet memories, and not with injuries and mental trauma that may result from bouncy castle accidents.

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Any party organizer should prioritize the safety and security of the kids over everything else and here below are some safety pointers for you if you are on the point of hiring inflatable castles for your next party.

PIPA Certificate: Even if you do not have the time to visit the storage facility of inflatable play items hire an agency to check the physical condition of the advertised inflatable units, you should ask for a copy of a PIPA certificate of the preferred unit (s) before paying the advance rental fee.

PIPA is the Inflatable Play Inspector Scheme and bouncy castle hire agencies are required to get the castles tested and certified by the PIPA (or RPII) inspectors). You can ask them to send you an electronic copy of a valid PIPA certificate or send a hard copy to your residential address.

Indoor and outdoor castles: There are companies out there who can tell you whether the castles they offer should be erected outside or indoors. Bouncy castles are of two types, outdoor castles, and indoor castles.

Outdoor castles are generally bigger units that come with rain covers and higher walls and can withstand rain and wind to a certain extent.

Certainly, it is not advisable to use these castles during a torrential downpour or heavy wind blowing. But the kids can stay protected inside and will not get wet if you use this type of castle in a gentle rain.

On the other hand, indoor castles are recommended for usage inside community halls and other sorts of indoor party venues. You should choose an indoor or outdoor castle according to your requirement.