When you're a child (or an adult without children) birthday parties are a big deal. With great potential for sugar coma and has bulk and general good times with all the favorites. What could not be love?

Organizing good times for 15 kids hopped up on sugar can be somewhat stressful though so we’ve come up with a solution. Well, other people have but we’re here to share them with you in the one convenient location. If you're looking for ultimate indoor activity for a kids party, you can browse online sources.

Here are some best spots for kids' birthday parties on the Gold Coast (from north to south). Good luck.

Infinity attraction

It's an amazing journey through a world of illusion at infinity. Think of a futuristic, labyrinthine world of wonder with unique rooms and sensory overload that will make you feel like through a dream. 

Couple that with tasty burgers eat from Betty and you've got one of the best holiday packages around. Only $ 24 per child.

Game Over Adventure Park

There are many exciting things to participate in a Game Over, from karting to the laser tag and clip and climbing. 

For birthday parties, you can choose between combined packages that include all previous food more parties and a designated area or just Clip 'n Climb or Laser Tag game more food and a designated area. From $ 35 per person.


Take the kids to be transported to a new reality, where the unexpected happens and you are sure to have the best time of their lives. 

There are a variety of interactive virtual reality games to choose from, with portions available for children 13 years and up are available. There are packages of food and drink available, so if you're looking for something different for this year's party, zero latency is the way.