Divorce can be a confusing process, with both parties fighting over child custody, homeownership and child support rights. Anyone who has ever known obsessed pet owners knows that they will go to great lengths to keep their Fido or their favorite mittens at bay. 

When it comes to divorce and pets, court battles can get very hot and lively. Neither party wants to give up their beloved pet. Getting animal rights mediation can determine who will keep the animal. 

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Even though a dog or cat may be an actual member of the family in the eyes of the owner, they are part of the property in the eyes of the law. While many couples like to argue over who could have better cared for the dog and who provided him with emotional security, the courts were not particularly interested and considered such pomp as unnecessary charade.

However, a case in Gloucester County, Pennsylvania could change the way courts treat pets in divorce cases. Doreen Hausman went to court for the second time over the "custody" of Dexter's six-year-old dog, which she and her ex-husband co-owned. 

She said she broke a verbal contract by promising ownership of her dog and that she is now keeping pets as a form of emotional abuse. The main argument in Hausman's argument is that the court was discriminatory in treating his beloved Dexter as another property.