Nourison is famous throughout the USA for making a huge array of Nourison rugs. Every year it also displays its lines in vegas. And needless to say, you may also see their virtual showroom online. Nourison area rugs are ultra-beautiful so don't forget to check them out.

Nourison's comprehensive assortment of accent and area rugs is second to none and will surely add elegance and distinction to your house. The selection of styles, shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, means there is a perfect rug for every home and every homeowner.

Area Rugs

Nourison offers over 60 different area rug collections either handmade or completed on a power loom. If you're seeking a country they have it! Traditionally they have it.

Contemporary no difficulty they have it. Whether you will need an area rug for your kitchen, family room, or family room, they have got a size to match and just about all rugs can be found in oval, round, and octagon shapes.

Nourison is famous for its use of the maximum quality wool and the best natural fibers available, leading to the creation of the most glorious rugs with many different texture, layout, and allure. Lasting beauty here.

They're also famous for their ability to make specific market rugs like traditional or modern but also for their ability to cross a variety of styles creating amazing oriental rugs. We're talking rugs for serious home decoration!

Their contemporary technological system for dying their lawns provides a broad assortment of colors and a wide assortment of shades.

Their rugs can be seen in solid colors or with a number of colors integrated into the rug. Their rich colors produce ultra-elegant rugs! All of Nourison's rugs are hand-sewn, and hand serged not commonly seen in our contemporary world.