A digital microscope is an optical microscope, which is one of the oldest and simplest microscopes used today. It has a CCD (charged-coupled device) camera built-in and used for the magnified viewing of specimens and samples.

Most of these types of microscopes are built with the same foundation as other light or optical microscopes. The laboratory technician would place a specimen beneath an object lens. If you are looking for the same then get good quality digital microscopes via Mechashop.com.

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Usage varies

Along with the ability to store images and/or video to the hard drive of a computer, very convenient operation has been possible to use a digital microscope for a variety of uses. Among some of the most important uses are as follows:

* Gallery and Museum for the restoration of works of art

* Textile plants for fiber quality inspection

* Scientific Laboratory, both on-site and in the field, in areas such specialties as entomology, paleontology, marine biology, and other sciences

* Mechanical workshop for inspection of printed circuit boards

* Shop Printing for print quality control

* Animal Clinic for identification and removal of small pests on animals

Type varied

There are two basic types of digital microscopy in accordance with portability. First, you have a portable type that can be easily done by hand. 

Second, you have a digital microscope mount that resembles their conventional counterparts in that it is fixed to the table. The difference lies in better optical quality, image transmission to another location and to the projector, and save the image/video.