We all have spending and saving habits inherited from our families and other influential people. When we get married, these financial habits are often adapted to our spouses, a new type of money transfer begins and is never discussed again. 

Unfortunately, because of this financial "non-discussion," large studies report that the most common problem when starting a divorce is money. After custody, the financial aspect of the divorce was the main reason the couple disagreed. You can now hire the best divorce and taxation mediators to deal in such situations.

Regions see spike in divorce rates amid pandemic - Wed, August 26 2020 - The Jakarta Post

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A divorce mediator can make finances a lot easier by providing a non-judgmental and safe arena for financial issues and issues that arise. Most people feel very uncomfortable talking about money, expenses, and debt. When a marriage is dissolved, all these issues are exposed and in the presence of a third party. 

Concerns about debt and expenses cause many couples to hide financial details from their partners and be less willing to seek legal advice. A sensitive and supportive divorce mediator can put the parties at ease and give them a safe and neutral place to be honest about their finances.

The hard truth is that both divorced parties will have very different lifestyles than usual. Places of residence change, shopping habits change, and costs change. Unfortunately, most of these changes will have a negative impact and will cost every country. 

While divorce can relieve a lot of stress, finances are not one of them. The most difficult task of a divorce mediator is to get the parties to a place where they can be honest with their finances and accept their new circumstances without grudges.