Manufacturing medical devices is a highly specialized field. The manufacturing process is rigorous and specific. Laser marking in a medical devices is increasing rapidly and there are many professionals who provide the finest medical laser marking service like Proto Lase.

So, When choosing how to reduce the cost of efficiently laser marking medical equipment while maintaining flawlessly high standards, outlining the benefits and probable uses is crucial.

Laser-Marking-for-Medical-Devices by FocalPoint Technologies, Massachusetts

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Benefits of Laser marking medical devices

Laser marking is long-lasting. Any marks made by a laser marking machine whether it's the logo or serial number or data matrix numbers – will last for a long period.

Laser marking withstands the high temperature. Many medical devices are exposed to extreme temperatures because they are sterilized every day. The information "written" on the surgical device using the use of a laser marker won't fade or get damaged.

Laser marking is bio-compatible in the same way as the base material of the device. It's safe since there are no solvents, inks, or acids employed.

Laser marking results in no degradation of the surface. There are no burrs or grooves created by the marking process.

Laser marking emits only a small amount of heat during marking. Implants aren't affected or damaged in any manner.

Application of Laser Marking to Medical Manufacturers of Medical Devices

Most of the time, space on a medical device to mark any information is at a premium. That’s where laser marking comes in.

On metallic parts the use of tempered colors to mark the laser. The surface of the device is heated to ensure that the surface of the metal remains smooth. It is possible to create dots that are machine-readable even on the tiniest of surfaces. Serial numbers, text, and other markings make identification clear, sharp, and precise.